About the Expo

The purpose of the forum is to enable direct business contacts and commercial discussions between Zimbabwe and the world by creating a meeting platform for the 21st century global economy. As the multiple opportunities of meeting, developing and building relationships are of core importance to us, we want to stimulate mutual business interests between Zimbabwe, Africa and the world. The optional sightseeing visits organised during the Forum will show our business participants how friendly, breath-takingly beautiful and fascinating Zimbabwe is.


Our aim is to provide less formal business presentations and avail direct contacts between business people. The Forum offers all participants multiple opportunities to meet potential business partners, build new relationships and expand their partnerships and subcontract networks essential for expansion in the Africa,Middle East, Europe and North America. Round-table discussions, business presentations, international fairs (Innovation Baraza), one-to-one meetings, visiting local businesses, completing questionnaires and taking part in sightseeing visits and dinners shall build a direct connection between businesses and their specific needs and requirements.
Participants (Sectors and Countries)

We believe that only the multi-sector and multi-country approach adds true value to all our participants. Representatives of the following sectors are encouraged to apply:

1. Agriculture,
2. Energy
3. Modern and Innovative Technologies
4. Infrastructure
5. Industry
6. Trade
7. Services
8. Mining
9. Logistics
10. Government,
11. NGO’s,
12. Academic community,
13. Press

Participants are expected from South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya, Britain, Germany, Angola, Russia as well as entrepreneurs from the Middle East region: Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and the Gulf countries (Qatar, Emirates, etc.) Also expected are participants from other regions and countries especially from the leading economies shaping the current and future global business environment, such as India, China, Brazil, North America, and South-East Asia.
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